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Beaches and Back Waters

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Beach and back waters of Kerala

Beaches in Kerala are the best and most of them remain deserted and Kavvayi beach and Valiaparamba backwaters is an excellent example for that. The best time to visit, weather wise, is from October to March. If you love rain, the monsoon is beautiful in Kerala and Kavvayi beach house in valiaparamba gives a fantastic off season discount during the monsoon

Valiaparamba is the pick of the beaches in Kerala; because nowhere in Kerala you would see a beach and backwaters stand hand in hand. Valiaparamba village, a narrow strip of land looks like an emerald necklace between vast valiaparamba backwaters and kavvayi beach.

Kavvayi beach house stands at a stone throw distance between the serene beach and backwaters. This inexpensive beach house has the view of sea and back waters through the windows of the room and balcony.

Kavvayi beach house offers a tranquil and relaxing trip in their boat, along the palm fringed Valiaparamba back waters. You can even spend the night out on the middle of the back waters in a house boat or you can row around in kayaks